About me

My name is Leigh Jepson – but you’ve probably already gathered that! I’m an IT worker / manager for a small telecoms company based in Manchester, UK and have been since 2015.

Prior to that, I had some time off from IT, working with the UK Highways Agency as a control room operator – yes, I was one of the people that closed off lanes on motorways!

Historically though, my experience has been with hosting services – running my own hosting business for a good number of years. Unfortunately though, I’m a techie (not a salesman!) and so when the UK economy started having difficulties in 2008 – a lot of my customers started downsizing. I had to get a job! That’s where I started with the Highways Agency.

Now though, I’m working on things of a much more technical nature, and wanted to share my experiences with anyone who cares to look – hence this blog.

Hope you enjoy!