More Networking Niggles

On Tuesday, I wrote about issues with our Netgear GS748T (see post).

Well, it’s happened again. Thankfully because of the effort we put in last time, it was a fairly quick and simple fix – make sure nobody is on the phone (although if they were, they’d be having difficulties – we use VoIP exclusively), and reboot the switch.

Again, job done – but now we’ve got an order in for some new kit. Tomorrow will bring us from the Ubiquiti Unifi line:

  • 2 x US-8-150w – 8 port PoE switch
  • 1 x US-24 – 24 port switch
  • 1 x US-48 – 48 port switch

The bonus for this is that we’re migrating networks soon (we’ve merged with a much bigger organisation) so I’ll be able to manage these switches easily when the time comes for VLAN setup!

The idea behind this is that each 8 port switch (one for each building on that site) will have the VoIP phones and WiFi Access Points (also Unifi) plugged in for power, one 24 port switch for the server room, and the 48 port switch for user devices.